Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bexley Farmers' Market: June 25th

"A ripe melon says ‘punk’ when thumped; a green one says ‘pink’ or ‘pank.'”

Mark Twain 

5 Smart Farmers’ Market Hacks

Straight off the farm and cared for with love, fresh produce from local farms is unbeatable. Follow these smart hacks to get the best of the best at the farmers’ market—and keep your produce fresher longer at home.

Store peaches upside down Peaches are notoriously sensitive and bruise easier than a poet’s feelings. Keep them at room temperature, stem end down; this provides stability on a flat surface.

Look for a yellow spot on a watermelon to indicate ripeness Partly because unless you’re some kind of watermelon whisperer, the “thump test” won’t cut it. Miller quotes Mark Twain, who said, “A ripe melon says ‘punk’ when thumped; a green one says ‘pink’ or ‘pank.'”

Don’t store basil in the fridge Basil is a tropical plant, highly sensitive to cold. It will turn black quickly if stored below 40°; your refrigerator is likely set between 35° and 38°.

Keep cucumbers at room temperature Didn’t really know that, did you? It’s OK to admit—this was a new one for a lot of us. Cucumbers are also sensitive to the ethylene gas given of by some fruits and veggies, so keep them apart from the likes of tomatoes, melons, and bananas.

To read the whole article by Tim Cebula from Cooking Light, click here.

And don't forget, it's Sharpening on Site this week! 

Our vendors for Thursday, June 25th include:

Cedar Cress Farm
Nom Nom Nom
L. Todd Designs
Chuck Evan's MONTEZUMA Brand Sauces & Salsas
Gerry's Garden
Ohio City Pasta
Ohio Farm Direct
Oink Moo Cluck
Rhoads Farm
Sadie Baby Sweets
SaraBee Pure Honey
Sweet Thing Gourmet
Hirsch Fruit Farm
Dan the Baker
Two Roasting Joes
Mashita Noodles/Two Daughters Foods

And don't forget... Grab your dinner at the market!

Our food trucks: Ohio Farm Direct and Mashita Noodles

Our musical entertainment:  Chris Bullwinkle

Join us every Thursday through October from 4:00-7:00pm, rain or shine!

Bexley Farmers' Market
2111 East Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at info@bexleyfarmersmarket.com. See you at the market!

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