Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Bexley Farmers' Market?

It's a beautiful thing, a farmers' market. And with market season in full swing, we start to consider why our market stands out. What makes us special? Why shop the Bexley Farmers' Market instead of another?

You can find a farmers' market on just about every corner, in every neighborhood of Columbus. Week night, weekend, weekday lunch hour. In the alley, at your church, or even at a shopping mall. Producer only, Ohio only... The list goes on, but what does it all mean? And why should you shop at the Bexley Farmers' Market?

In its first year, the Bexley Farmers' Market will host 19 vendors from around the state. From New Knoxville to Chillicothe, and everywhere in between, our vendors represent a diverse array of products including fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, baked goods, honey, jam, flowers, bread and so much more. If you've been to the market, you can attest to the options one has.

But really, you're asking, "What makes the Bexley Farmers' Market better?" Well, it's simple--the community, our vendors, and a desire for excellence! Since early in 2010, a small group of volunteers have worked tirelessly on creating a new and vibrant marketplace. One that would re-energize the community and their passion for eating local. One that could bridge the gap between farmers and the food that graces your table.

Our vendors are farmers, bread bakers, and food artisans. When you're at the Bexley Farmers' Market, you're talking with the person who grew the food, or one that works on the farm. You're talking to a Bexley resident who makes jam in her kitchen. Our vendors are strictly prohibited from purchasing food from wholesale or terminal operations, meaning you'll never talk to a middle man.

We are a market that stands for quality and diversity, and among all other things, the Bexley Farmers' Market provides a productive marketplace for farmers and food artisans. We are committed to education and community building, not just within Bexley, but beyond.

We invite you to join us each and every Thursday through October on Main Street in Bexley. For more information please visit our website at

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